Dear Princess ‘Ishka,

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or so they say, and perhaps, intending to writing you won’t be an exception. But here I am, still trying to convince myself that this is a good idea to keep in touch, after more than two years of separation.

My aim is to start an intellectual adventure. I would like to express thoughts and feelings, to talk about our lives and the world in an unpretentious philosophical fashion. I won’t be exhaustive most of the times, and I’m afraid I will also talk about matters I’m not an expert about. However, complete ignorance can be avoided if I stay focused on depicting perspectives on our multifaceted reality, with the purpose of inspiring further ideas.

Furthermore, I hope not to fall victim of the greatest enemy of philosophy and rational thinking, the “doxa”, that is the unjustified opinion. Social networks are full of it, and relativism about facts and principles appears to have lost any pure theoretical intent, degenerating into the struggle to obtain as much consent as possible, no matter under what flag or ideal. I can’t grant that the result of my letters will be any different.

Maybe I’ll still be lead to hell, in one way or another. There is only one last defence I am left with: the conviction that together with you, my dear Princess, and with all our friends, we can give our little contribution to make this world a better place.

Forever yours,



Author: letterstoishka

Blogging philosophy student. From my busy-bee mode to the daydreaming sloth mode there’s no in-between. Someone mistakes me for a wasp.

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