Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a boy in search of truth. His name was ‘Miasha. In his quest, he started collecting fragments of truth, those generously offered by friends he made on his way.

One day, he met a princess from the remote lands of the East. She was called Princess ‘Ishka. With her, he learned that truth can be acquired only with great independence of spirit and lightness in manners. She taught him that truth is not only outside, but can be found also in the inside, by loving and cultivating who we are.

Eventually, they became friends. But destiny is unpredictable and they had to depart. The princess found love and followed him, further away, the boy continued collecting new pieces of the endless puzzle of truth.

He now writes letters to her, to inform her about his progress, however of little significance, in the hope that someday they will meet again.